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Hangs with demons
United States
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Jeez, once again, as usual, been forever since I've made a new journal.

Mostly because I just don't think allot of what I do is exciting.

Sure for some people chasing the occult and taming werewolves seems exciting but for me... it's Tuesday. XP

Anyway, not really much going on, getting a lot more to do at work. Oh yes, I'm working for a new bank now. Probably never mentioned that... >.> But I'm working again and getting very busy, my free time keeps dropping and dropping. But it's a good job and desperately needed so I won't complain too much.

Otherwise not much else going on, still drawing when I can, hoping to find some time to start writing again because there's plenty of stories floating around in my head in desperate need of escape to the written page.

When I can I get onto my PS3 and play some games. Just recently downloaded DC Universe online. Which is pretty good, and FREE. That's always a plus. Normally I HATE MMo's. I just don't like dealing with the other jerks who play games online. But DCUO is pretty good. It's not an MMO that demands you join a guild, or HAVE to do all your missions with other people just to survive the first encounter. So it's like an MMO for people like me who just occasionally want to jump on beat up some badguys and see other heros doing the same thing as well. You can form quick little teams to help complete your current mission then run off to wherever you want next.

The character creation is great. I was able to almost perfectly recreate Kat and Aryanna. Being on the PS3 it doesn't have screenshot options, so I took a picture of the screen... >.> ...…

Just like they should be, Kat is an agile user of gadgets who wields dual pistols as her main weapons. Aryanna is a flying demon with super powers and can blast energy from her hands. She even has a flirty personality which is perfect for a succubus. :D

Ok, guess that's good for now. Hope everyone's doing well, have a great day!
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  • Playing: Sakura Wars; So long My love
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looperlady Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018  New Deviant
Office Specialist State of Oregon


$30,084.00 - $36,624.00 Annually


Salem, OR

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Revenue-Personal Tax & Compliance

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7/2/2018 11:59 PM Pacific
shihtsupal Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
This is another post on Facebook by the same comic artist as before. What he wrote helps me understand what you must go through at times. Here it is...

(3/4) "There have absolutely been times I wanted to quit! The nature of how my comic is created, where I basically have to come up with something new every day, means that there are often creative dry spells where it feels like I have no ideas whatsoever.

Typically, I can push past this — sort of like how a long distance runner can get a second wind — and keep going. However, there are times when these dry spells can become so bad that it feels like I may never be able to — or want to — draw again.

I've had a few times when I've had to take an extended break from working on the comic (the longest of which was a month) to help clear my head, and refill my creative batteries. These tend to be a great help, as it is often far too easy to get lost in your work, and it can be important to know when you need to step away to clear your head. After all, the most important tool an artist uses is not pencils, or paints, or Photoshop; it is their brain, so you've got to take care of it."

—nellucnhoj (NHOJ Comics)
shihtsupal Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
Another member of DA wrote this on why he is here "(4/4) "I remember there was one time I received a private message from someone, explaining (and I paraphrase here) that they were in a pretty bad place, emotionally and mentally, and that my comics helped get them through that.

For me, I started doing these comics during a time when I was in a similar dark place, after losing a job. It became a kind of anchor for me and helped get me through each day. So to hear that my work could help someone else in the same way it helped me was wonderful to know.

Outside of wanting to be the best artist I can be, I want to someday be able to actually make a living doing what I do. I don't wish to be stupidly rich or famous, just to make enough money to continue doing what I enjoy, while also paying the bills. Also, I'd like to eventually put out a print book, containing my work."

—nellucnhoj (NHOJ Comics)"

This is why I stay here. There have been many times over the past year when I couldn't wait to sign on. I could forget about my problems and just enjoy the art.
shihtsupal Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
What DO you do when you visit every few days?
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